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This works only if….!

Don’t bother me with things which do not work. Have the courage to present a solution!

Don’t say: „That doesn’t work because….“

Say: „This works only if…“

Do so as many times as possible and observe how your own attitude towards problems is going to change:)


It starts in your head

You can read a lot about agile. The internet is a never ending source of advice for implementing scrum or other agile methods. During my work I recognized that implementing these methods is not about adopting a framework. It is far more. It is about giving the people the chance to understand the difference to their „old“ world.

But what is the difference, that is hard to accept: We are humans and not human-like acting machines. This sounds ridiculous but it’s true. In the Agile Manifesto you can read

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools“.

And that is what matters. We are individuals with a variety of individual behaviour in a working environment. We interact differently and have different needs in terms of communication. And we are not a bunch of logically plugged devices with the aim to produce software. So, please use your brain to interact with each other and give your agile fellows (including managers) the chance to accept the fact, that you are not human-like acting machines.

With keeping this in mind and starting in your head, you make your first step towards agile.